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What We Do


Design and Installation of Process & Machine Control System

We offer design and fabrication of Control Panel or a Control System , Plant or Machine Safety Interlocks System, from conventional relay system to PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), from conventional turn and push button switches to HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touchscreen.

Process Instrumentation

Our calibrator equipment is probably one of the highest standard of Temperature and Pressure measurement in the country with our FLUKE 744 HART Documenting Calibrator capable of performing calibrations for Temperature, Pressure, Level Display/Controllers/Transmitters/Limit Switches, I/P, P/I, Converters/Positioner. Our other equipment is Druck DPI 601 for calibration of low pressure equipments more applicable to Level or Flow Differential Pressure Transmiters and Manometers, ALTEK 422 Thermocouple Calibrator, UNOMAT TRX Thermoucouple, RTD and Current 4-20ma calibrator.

Oven, Furnace, Boiler, Burner, Control System

We also fabricate, design, modify control system for Ovens, Batch or Line Ovens, Furnaces, Boilers and Burners. We offer burner calibrations for effective, efficient and economical operation.

Machine Control Problem Technical Assistance.

We accept technical assistance for various Machine/Equipment or Process Control problems. We offer troubleshooting and repair services and we are always up to the task whenever you need us.

Our Clients